How it all began?

How it all began?

By: Carlo Magno Tiausas, 4F1JZZ

Barely a month after DU1ZZZ/Joey, got his amateur radio license from the NTC he thought of forming a new amateur radio group. A new group composed of people, who like him, is new in the amateur world but is full of enthusiasm to continually learn more and explore what ham radio is all about. He knew that ham radio is not merely voice communication on two meter.

On September 1, 1990, he scanned the amateur band and listened to the QSO of two OMs at 144.160 MHZ. After breaking in, he got to QSO with DY1FIL/ Boyet of Sta. Ana and DU1JZZ/Carlo of Makati, both friends of UNARCOM amateurs, a group based in Laguna initially using 144.160 as their calling frequency. Incidentally, the group was then going to hold their first Grand Eyeball the following day and he was invited to join the affair. Joey decided to go to meet his newly found friends on air. Later during that day, he made a landline contact with a friend he met at NTC, DY1GYW/Orly and he learned that Orly was likewise joining the eyeball.

After the affair, Joey thought of sharing his ideas with Boyet, Carlo and Orly. He told them that he wanted to form a new group which will not only teach the members to practice, propagate and preserve the true amateur spirit but also to encourage licensed members who have not been involved in real amateur activity to become actually involved and explore what really lies behind this great hobby. He knew that amateur activity does not start and end with CW and voice communication alone. He wanted to become part of an amateur group that will make a difference.

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