Echolink Android Connection Problem?

I’m having trouble connecting to other stations. Any advice?

  • Check to be sure you have a good, solid network connection. If you are on cellular, look for 4 of 5 bars in the signal strength indicator; if you are on WiFi, look for a full-strength signal. Field tests have shown that the cellular data network is not always available even with a strong cellular signal in some situations.
  • If you are getting the message “No route is available to the station you selected“, try connecting to a different station, try connecting later, or try Public Proxy instead of Relay. If you still get a similar message even via Proxy, the station you are trying to reach might be an Android user behind a Relay, who will not be reachable.
  • Do not try connecting to yourself. This won’t work in most situations.
  • Do not use the Direct mode unless you have put in special port-forwarding rules in your router.
  • If you get a message like “Bye Bye“, try again after a few seconds.

For more FAQs, please visit > EchoLink Android

Its WARD 2021

All stations who will check in will be receiving this eQSL as acknowledgement and thank you for supporting the netcall in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day 2021. Likewise, the official log-sheet will be submitted to PARA Office for certification and Proof of Amateur Activity which can be presented to NTC that is subject for audit checking.

Feel free to connect your ALLSTAR LINK and ECHOLINK Station or Reflector/Repeater to DX1PRS ALLSTAR 54453 and DX1PRS-R ECHOLINK 562316. and we hope to hear from you checking in through analog and digital modes.

We will also post the list of all stations who will check in for the net. For any comments or clarifications, please send us an email dx1prs [at] gmail [dot] com.