Something just like this…

As appreciation for participating to the event, DX1PRS will be issuing certificates to those who attended the event – JOTA/JOTI 2018. The certification will be signed by the concerned offices as 100% proof of Amateur Radio Service.  DX1PRS will be also issuing certificates to the 65 BOY SCOUTS from 5 schools of Muntinlupa City also signed by the concerned offices.

This JOTA/JOTI 2018 event has been made possible because we WANT it not just we need it. All preparations, coordinations, and participations will be considered as our valuable experience for the upcoming future activities and challenges of the club.

Its not just a hobby but its our passion to serve and dedicate time for LOVE of Amateur Radio. Indeed, we deserve a good “BREAK” for the restless, sleepless and priceless moments of this successful event.

Again, another round of CONGRATULATIONS for all of us – members of DX1PRS. Be well and be proud as DX1PRS!


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