Privileges of an Associate Member

  1. An associate member may attend the monthly GMM.
  2. An associate member may be given technical assistance such as antenna set-ups and other information about the group innovations on amateur radio.
  3. An associate member without a RSL shall be assisted to acquire one.
  4. An associate member may join the group’s special activities such as camp-outs, technical tours, etc.
  5. An associate member may join operations and may be issued paraphernalia such as ID’s given by the affiliate club or government agency upon the approval of the officers.
  6. An associate member shall be required to pay the membership fees and monthly dues.
  7. An associate member after acquiring a RSL will be assessed as to his/her promotion to regular member.
  8. An associate member may act as net control as part of his/her requirement for promotion to regular member but may not represent the group in any other manner.
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